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pjax:success should have event.relatedTarget set to DOM link that was clicked #100

clyfe opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Claudius Nicolae Joshua Peek
Claudius Nicolae

All pjax:XXX events should be forwarding the DOM link that was clicked via event.relatedTarget so it can be used downstream if needed (for example active/inactive tabs and such).

This should be done fairly easy by modifying the handleClick function.

Claudius Nicolae

I followed the code more closely and I found it in options.clickedElement

$(document).on 'pjax:success', (event, data, status, xhr, options) ->
  console.log options.clickedElement
Claudius Nicolae clyfe closed this
Joshua Peek

Actually, I really like the idea of using event.relatedTarget. It also bugs me that options.clickedElement is a jquery object, not an element. Good call.

Joshua Peek josh reopened this
Joshua Peek josh closed this issue from a commit
Joshua Peek josh Add `target` option and set as Event#relatedTarget
Deprecates `clickedElement`

Fixes #100
Joshua Peek josh closed this in b1e9880
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