pjax scrolls to top by default #133

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is it intended behaviour, that on each pjax request the browser scrolls to top?

the reason for this is that scrollTo defaults to 0 instead of false

pjax.defaults = {
  timeout: 650,
  push: true,
  replace: false,
  type: 'GET',
  dataType: 'html',
  scrollTo: 0,
  maxCacheLength: 20

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pjax: timeout message #60


Yes, set $.pjax.defaults = false to turn it off.

@josh josh closed this Apr 29, 2012

This should read:

$.pjax.defaults.scrollTo = false;

Not sure if it's a bug, but for me, $.pjax.defaults is undefined in IE (<= 9). Was able to work around with $.pjax.defaults = $.pjax.defaults || {}; $.pjax.defaults.scrollTo = false;. Should an issue be opened for this?


pjax requires >= IE 10


Understood. Is it expected to fail gracefully in earlier versions?


You can use the $.support.pjax to condition your custom pjax code to not run on oldIE


Just because it requires a certain browser... I think it should at least fail gracefully


@josh Thanks that helps. @starzonmyarmz It does fail gracefully, but if you try to set $.pjax.defaults values, you'll want to wrap it in an if ($.support.pjax).


gotcha - thanks for clarifying


thanks for
$.pjax.defaults.scrollTo = false


thanks for $.pjax.defaults.scrollTo = false;!!!! [2]



Why the scrollTo defaults are different in Yii Pjax widget and jquery.pjax.js?


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