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Assign document.title after examining attributes in the response. #62

merged 1 commit into from

4 participants

OZAWA Sakuro Oriol Gual Chew Choon Keat Joshua Peek
OZAWA Sakuro

The assignment to document.title should be placed here, or we cannot assign it from attributes.

Chew Choon Keat

+1 bug fix

Joshua Peek

Makes sense.

Joshua Peek josh referenced this pull request

Fragment Title Updates #74

Joshua Peek josh merged commit 13fbfde into from
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  1. +2 −1  jquery.pjax.js
3  jquery.pjax.js
@@ -118,13 +118,14 @@ var pjax = $.pjax = function( options ) {
// the page's title.
var oldTitle = document.title,
title = $.trim( this.find('title').remove().text() )
- if ( title ) document.title = title
// No <title>? Fragment? Look for data-title and title attributes.
if ( !title && options.fragment ) {
title = $fragment.attr('title') || $'title')
+ if ( title ) document.title = title
var state = {
pjax: options.container,
fragment: options.fragment,
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