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lispdir = $(datadir)/emacs/site-lisp
sitestartdir = @SITESTART@
lisp_DATA = magit.el magit.elc
sitestart_DATA = 50magit.el
info_TEXINFOS = magit.texi
CLEANFILES = magit.elc
EXTRA_DIST = magit.el 50magit.el magit.spec
%.elc: %.el
@if [ $(builddir) != $(srcdir) ]; then ln $(srcdir)/$*.el .; fi
emacs --batch --eval '(byte-compile-file "$*.el")'
@if [ $(builddir) != $(srcdir) ]; then rm -f $*.el; fi
elpa: magit-pkg.el info
-@rm -rf magit-$(VERSION)
mkdir magit-$(VERSION)
cp magit.el magit-pkg.el magit-$(VERSION)
(cd magit-$(VERSION); ginstall-info --dir-file=dir
tar cf magit-$(VERSION).tar magit-$(VERSION)
@rm -rf magit-$(VERSION)
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