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Changes in magit 0.8:
* By setting magit-repo-dirs, you can get better repo completion.
Magit will offer all subdirectories (upto magit-repo-dirs level
deep) of the listed directories when magit-status asks for a
directory to work on.
You can get the old behavior with a double prefix to magit-status.
* Hitting 'c' or 'C' while resolving a conflict in the middle of a
rebase will offer to continue the rebase instead of trying to commit
your changes.
* Pulling will ask which branch to pull from when you don't have a
default branch configured.
* Switching to a remote branch will offer to create a local tracking
branch for it.
* Hitting C-c C-s while editing a commit message will toggle the
"--signoff" option.
* Hitting 's' on the "Untracked files" section title will stage all
untracked files.
* Hitting 'C-u S' will stage all untracked and tracked files.
* Performance improvements in the status buffer.
* Bug fixes to make Magit work better with newer Gits.
Changes in magit 0.7:
* Tagging, on 't' and 'T'.
* Stashing, on 'z' and 'Z'.
* Wazzup, on 'w'. Wazzup gives you an overview over how other
branches relate to the current one.
* There is more control over pushing. 'P' now takes a prefix argument
and pushing a branch without a default remote will ask for one.
* Logs have changed a bit: 'l' shows the traditional brief log, and
'L' shows a more verbose log. Use the prefix arg to specify the
range of the log.
* M-x magit-status doesn't prompt anymore for a directory when invoked
from within a Git repository. Use C-u to force a prompt.
* When you have nothing staged, 'c' will now explicitly ask whether to
commit everything instead of just going ahead and do it. This can
be customized.
* The digit keys '1', '2', '3', and '4' now show sections on the
respective level and hide everything below. With Meta, they work on
all sections; without, they work only on sections that are a parent
or child of the current section.
* Typing '+' and '-' will change the size of hunks, via the "-U"
option to git diff. '0' resets hunks to their default size.
* Typing 'k' on the "Untracked files" section title will offer to
delete all untracked files.
* Magit understands a bit of git-svn: the status buffer shows unpushed
and unpulled commits, 'N r' runs git svn rebase, and 'N c' runs git
svn dcommit.
* Magit now also works when the direcory is accessed via tramp.
* M-x magit-status can also create new repositories when given a
directory that is not a Git repository.
* Magit works better with oldish Gits that don't understand "--graph",
for example.
* The name of the Git program and common options for it can be
Changes in magit 0.6:
Almost everything has changed. Please read the manual again. Some
* Magit now works with Git 1.6.0. (John Wiegley)
* Support for interactive rewriting.
* Sections can be shown and hidden.
* Staging, unstaging, applying, reverting and discarding changes can
now be done line-by-line, not only hunk-by-hunk.