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commit a21e998bac99338242c4225b929fd236d28199eb 1 parent bc82696
Marius Vollmer authored
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10 magit.texi
@@ -31,8 +31,10 @@ as an extension to Emacs.
* Introduction::
* Status::
* History::
+* Diffing::
* Resetting::
-* Branching and Merging::
+* Branching::
+* Merging::
* Rebasing::
* Pushing and Pulling::
@end menu
@@ -211,15 +213,15 @@ Type @kbd{X} to reset your working tree and staging area to the most
recently committed state. This will discard your local modifications,
so be careful.
-@node Branching and Merging
-@chapter Branching and Merging
+@node Branching
+@chapter Branching
The current branch is indicated in the header of the status buffer.
You can switch to a different branch by typing @kbd{b}. This will
immediately checkout the branch into your working copy, so you
shouldn't have any local modifications when switching branches.
-Similar to @kbs{x}, typing @kbd{b} while point is at a commit
+Similar to @kbd{x}, typing @kbd{b} while point is at a commit
description will offer that commit as the default to switch to.
This will result in a detached head.

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