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   Plugin API Howto
 (so we don't forget)

Typical plugin:

  module MatzBot::Commands
    needs_gem 'hpricot' => [ :tinyurl, :get_tinyurl ]

    def tinyurl(data)
      say "Here it is! #{get_tinyurl(data.first)}"
      say "No, no that's not gonna work."

    def get_tinyurl(url)
      return if url.empty?

      res = Net::HTTP.post_form(URI.parse(''), { 'url' => url })
      doc = Hpricot(res.body)

- New methods added to MatzBot::Commands show up as commands

- If you want to add methods which aren't bot commands, make them protected or private.

- Methods must accept one argument, an array of words said after the command.

- If you need to require a gem, use needs_gem like above.  Pass it the gem name and all
  the methods that depend on it.

- If you need to keep around data, use the `session' hash.
    session[:my_plugin] = true

- You can use `reply' like say, except it will prefix your command with the user's name.
    <defunkt> hey bot
    <matzbot> defunkt: hey  # => using reply 'hey'

- You can use `pm' to send a private message to whoever made a request of you.  Use it like `say.'

- The above plugin would be triggered like this:
    <irc_dude> tinyurl
    <matzbot> Here it is!

- You get these methods in the Commands API:
  - puts(string to say)
  - reply(string to say)
  - pm(sting to pm) [your bot must be ident'd on most networks for this to work]
  - action(string to emote)
  - config -- hash of runtime configuration options
  - socket -- direct access to the socket, if you need it

- Put plugins in ~/.matzbot and name them whatever.rb.

=> Evan Weaver && Chris Wanstrath
>> %w[ ]
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