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#ifndef _MARKDOWN_D
#define _MARKDOWN_D
#include "cstring.h"
/* reference-style links (and images) are stored in an array
* of footnotes.
typedef struct footnote {
Cstring tag; /* the tag for the reference link */
Cstring link; /* what this footnote points to */
Cstring title; /* what it's called (TITLE= attribute) */
int height, width; /* dimensions (for image link) */
int dealloc; /* deallocation needed? */
} Footnote;
/* each input line is read into a Line, which contains the line,
* the offset of the first non-space character [this assumes
* that all tabs will be expanded to spaces!], and a pointer to
* the next line.
typedef struct line {
Cstring text;
struct line *next;
int dle;
} Line;
/* a paragraph is a collection of Lines, with links to the next paragraph
* and (if it's a QUOTE, UL, or OL) to the reparsed contents of this
* paragraph.
typedef struct paragraph {
struct paragraph *next; /* next paragraph */
struct paragraph *down; /* recompiled contents of this paragraph */
struct line *text; /* all the text in this paragraph */
char *ident; /* %id% tag for QUOTE */
enum { IMPLICIT=0, PARA, CENTER} align;
int hnumber; /* <Hn> for typ == HDR */
} Paragraph;
enum { ETX, SETEXT }; /* header types */
typedef struct block {
enum { bTEXT, bSTAR, bUNDER } b_type;
int b_count;
char b_char;
Cstring b_text;
Cstring b_post;
} block;
typedef STRING(block) Qblock;
/* a magic markdown io thing holds all the data structures needed to
* do the backend processing of a markdown document
typedef struct mmiot {
Cstring out;
Cstring in;
Qblock Q;
int isp;
STRING(Footnote) *footnotes;
int flags;
#define DENY_A 0x0001
#define DENY_IMG 0x0002
#define DENY_SMARTY 0x0004
#define DENY_HTML 0x0008
#define STRICT 0x0010
#define INSIDE_TAG 0x0020
#define NO_PSEUDO_PROTO 0x0040
#define CDATA_OUTPUT 0x0080
#define NOTABLES 0x0400
#define TOC 0x1000
#define MKD_1_COMPAT 0x2000
#define AUTOLINK 0x4000
#define SAFELINK 0x8000
char *base;
* the mkdio text input functions return a document structure,
* which contains a header (retrieved from the document if
* markdown was configured * with the * --enable-pandoc-header
* and the document begins with a pandoc-style header) and the
* root of the linked list of Lines.
typedef struct document {
Line *headers; /* title -> author(s) -> date */
ANCHOR(Line) content; /* uncompiled text, not valid after compile() */
Paragraph *code; /* intermediate code generated by compile() */
int compiled; /* set after mkd_compile() */
int html; /* set after (internal) htmlify() */
int tabstop; /* for properly expanding tabs (ick) */
MMIOT *ctx; /* backend buffers, flags, and structures */
char *base; /* url basename for url fragments */
} Document;
extern int mkd_firstnonblank(Line *);
extern int mkd_compile(Document *, int);
extern int mkd_document(Document *, char **);
extern int mkd_generatehtml(Document *, FILE *);
extern int mkd_css(Document *, char **);
extern int mkd_generatecss(Document *, FILE *);
#define mkd_style mkd_generatecss
extern int mkd_xml(char *, int , char **);
extern int mkd_generatexml(char *, int, FILE *);
extern void mkd_cleanup(Document *);
extern int mkd_line(char *, int, char **, int);
extern int mkd_generateline(char *, int, FILE*, int);
#define mkd_text mkd_generateline
extern void mkd_basename(Document*, char *);
extern void mkd_string_to_anchor(char*,int, void(*)(int,void*), void*);
extern Document *mkd_in(FILE *, int);
extern Document *mkd_string(char*,int, int);
#define NO_HEADER 0x0100
#define STD_TABSTOP 0x0200
/* internal resource handling functions.
extern void ___mkd_freeLine(Line *);
extern void ___mkd_freeLines(Line *);
extern void ___mkd_freeParagraph(Paragraph *);
extern void ___mkd_freefootnote(Footnote *);
extern void ___mkd_freefootnotes(MMIOT *);
extern void ___mkd_initmmiot(MMIOT *, void *);
extern void ___mkd_freemmiot(MMIOT *, void *);
extern void ___mkd_freeLineRange(Line *, Line *);
extern void ___mkd_xml(char *, int, FILE *);
extern void ___mkd_reparse(char *, int, int, MMIOT*);
extern void ___mkd_emblock(MMIOT*);
extern void ___mkd_tidy(Cstring *);