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* Fixed bug that was breaking feeds link
* Slightly changed admin interface
* Added TinyMCE for post formatting
* Fixed bug in most popular tag find which broke postgres compatibility
* Upgraded to Rails 1.2.3 (hey, same version!)
* Added ozimodo plugin support and faux DSL
* Fixed bug in tag listing, which broke in the 1.2.1 change.
* Fixed the atom feed link in themes/your_theme/layout.rhtml
* Fixed the display of the ballon code for Firefox and IE
* Fixed bug with encoding of multi-tag links [Jannis Leidel]
* Fixed some RedCloth issues when gem isn't installed
* ThemeHelper's linked_tags_with_commas() now takes a second parameter, for the seperator
* Added volatile and undocumented theme plugin API
* Added script/ozimodo (currently only for theme plugins)
* Fixed bug in API causing special post type posts to fail
* Added theme_init.rb to themes directory, loaded by TumbleController
* Fix migrations 3 and 4 to be cross platform [Ben Bleything]
* Fixed some big bugs in multi-user posting
* Added 'users' field to admin post listing view, made admin layout wider
* Fixed bugs in admin views with session => cookie conversion
* Fixed bug in tag listing
* Fixed bug with logged out users in admin layout [Matthias Tarasiewicz]
* Added video post type with support for YouTube and Google Video.
* Added eager loading for posts in list view
* Allow spaces in tag urls
* Locked to Rails 1.1.4 (included in distro)
* Changed caching implementation from messy fragments to clean page caching.
* Added public/cache for page caching.
* Cache is cleared when production app is launched.
* Cleaned up Ajaxy inline editing.
* Changed components to faster 'themes', big refactor in tumble_controller
* Merged types_helper and component_helper into theme_helper
* Cleaned up default templates and helpers
* Added pagination to (single) tag and date views
* Added 'view by post type' option
* Added new oz_ helpers
* Added stylesheets, images, and javascripts into theme
* Added support for multiple user accounts
* Changed simple 'fields:' declaration to more powerful and flexible mini-DSL
* Fixed links which didn't work when running ozimodo off a subdirectory.
* Added 'oz' command line tumbler.
* Added backend API which can deliver xml, yaml, or plaintext payloads.
* Changed session login system to cookie login system, allowing indefinite logins.
* Fixed annoying pagination cache bug (tags were not being included in key)
* Improved cache key generation (tags are always alphabetized)
* Got rid of public/feed in favor of keeping all cache in tmp/cache
* Added OZIMODO_VERSION constant
* Added 'up to date' check on admin side. Click the version number.
* Made some minor changes to get in line with Rails 1.1
* Changed all instances of 'back_in_time' to 'pagination' or
* Improved "list" admin view by always showing a short desc of the tumble
* Relative dates are now handled unobtrusively in javascript to avoid caching
* Improved link building in add_tag_link and tag_link
* Fixed 'title' field on admin show page to parse textile
* Added component_helper.rb for custom, non-type related helpers
* Added migration to remove redundant indices
* Locked to Rails 1.1 or earlier with semi-helpful error message.
* Removed cache directory in favor of new 1.1 tmp/cache directory.
* Made some aesthetic tweaks to the default layout
* Made the admin link on default layout nofollow for Googlebots
* Updated robots.txt to hide admin, too.
* Hide the RubyGems status when not in development mode
* Adding a 'component' field to tumble.yml to let you specify which
component directory houses your tumblelog.
* Fixed bug in default quote type rendering.
* Moved stylesheets into your_tumblelog component (and made them erbish).
* Fixed a lot of caching logic, renamed some related methods.
* Added method_missing to main TumbleController -- send unknown requests.
down the pipe to allow for easier adding of custom component actions.
* Added cache directory to help youngin's along.
* Got rid of the "date" listing option. Don't see it as useful.
* Refactored some helpers.
* Added oz_popular_tags()
* Cut down length of feed title.
* Added show by month. (
* Pagination on main listing.
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