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Pinder 0.6.5 [May 18 2007]:
- BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: BeautifulSoup and httplib2 are no longer
distributed with Pinder. You have to install them separately.
- Fixed a bug in Room.leave()
- Fixed a couple of bugs in the tests
- Room objects now have ping() to ping the server and topic() to retrieve
the topic of the room
Pinder 0.6.0 [Apr 08 2007]:
- Campfire objects now have rooms() and rooms_names() methods to get the
list of the associated room objects and the names of all the rooms
- Campfire objects also have find_or_create_room_by_name(), an helper
method which combine find_room_by_name() and create_room()
- The whole library has been updated to httlibp2 0.3.0
- A proper user agent is sent during the requests
- Room objects now have guest_access_enabled() to know if the guests can
enter that room
- The support for transcripts has been added throughout the library. See
the changelog for details.
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