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User's guide
Pinder is a straightforward Python API to *script* Campfire_, the web 2.0 chat application kindly brought to us by the 37signals_ team.
Usage is all but rocket science so I'm gonna show you its full power in its simplicity. Thanks to `Brandon Keepers`_ for Tinder_.
Connect and login to the server
>>> c = Campfire('subdomain')
>>> c.login('', 'secret')
Any need to explain? I don't think so. We shall move on.
Find the proper room
>>> room = c.find_room_by_name('Jonz Room')
Only remember that *None* will be returned if you accidentally type in the wrong name. Ouch!
Poke with the room itself!
>>> print room.users()
As you can see you get back a **set** of the people talking about wild stuff in *Jonz Room*. You can also, while you are at it know the name of all the chatters in your Campfire subdomain::
>>> print c.users()
set([u'Alice', u'Bob'])
Seems Alice and Bob don't enjoy each other company any more! We don't like ladies to feel so alone so let's tell Alice she isn't::
>>> room.speak("I'm working hard to get you out of there. Keep strong!")
I'm working hard to get you out of there. Keep strong!
Then you can leave the room::
>>> room.leave()
or destroy Alice hopes::
>>> room.destroy()
and create your own love's nest::
>>> c.create_room("Love's Nest", topic='No pun intended')
Room eavesdropping!
You can peek inside the room reading the transcripts this way::
>>> dates_of_transcripts = room.transcripts()
>>> print room.transcript(dates_of_transcripts[0]) # last transcript
[{'person': u'Bob B.', 'message': u'Are you spying on me?', 'user_id': u'1234567', 'id': u'19343281'}]
When you are done playing you can simply logout::
>>> c.logout()
and say farewell to Alice.
ps. I think we forgot about Bob, but who cares?
You can lock yourself in the room if you really want to but it's sad so I won't mention how to that. If you're absolutely certain about it go read the boring `API doc`_ where you can find other secret combos :-)
.. _Campfire:
.. _37signals:
.. _`Brandon Keepers`:
.. _Tinder:
.. _`API doc`: