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Pipeable Ruby - forget about grep / sed / awk / wc ... use pure, readable Ruby!

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Pipeable Ruby - forget about grep / sed / awk / wc ... use pure, readable Ruby!


sudo gem install pru

Working with rvm / many gemsets -> only install once

rvm 1.9.2 exec gem install pru
echo 'alias pru="rvm 1.9.2 exec pru"' >> ~/.bash_profile


pru supports mapping and reducing.

Map works on each line as String
Reduce works on all lines as Array

something | pru 'map'
something | pru 'map' 'reduce'
something | pru '' 'reduce'
something | pru --reduce 'reduce'

-r, --reduce CODE                reduce via CODE

-I, --libdir DIR                 Add DIR to load path
    --require LIB                Require LIB (also comma-separated)
-i, --inplace-edit FILE          Edit FILE inplace

-h, --help                       Show this.
-v, --version                    Show Version


# grep --- all lines including foo
ls -al | grep foo
ls -al | pru /foo/

# grep --- all lines including current date
ls -al | grep $(date +"%Y-%m-%d")
ls -al | pru 'include?("%Y-%m-%d"))'

# grep --- all lines including foo but not self
ps -ef | grep foo | grep -v grep
ps -ef | pru 'include?("foo") and not include?("pru")'

# awk --- return second item
ls -al | awk '{print $2}'
ls -al | pru 'split(" ")[1]'

# awk --- count and average of all integers on second position
ls -al | awk '{ s += $2; } END {print "average" ,int(s/NR);print "count ",int(NR)}'
ls -al | pru 'split(" ")[1]' '"average #{mean(&:to_i)}\ncount #{size}"'

# wc --- count lines
ls -al | wc -l
ls -al | pru --reduce 'size'

# sed -- replace a 5 with five
ls -al | sed 's/5/five/'
ls -al | pru 'gsub(/5/,"five")'

# every second line
ls -al | pru 'i % 2 == 0'

# paste-friendly mime-types
curl | grep image | pru 'gsub(/(.*): (.*)/, %{"\\1" => "\\2",})'

# number of files by date:
ls -al | pru 'split(" ")[5]' '{|d, f| "#{d} : #{f.size}" }'

# quotes inside a string
something | pru 'include?(%{"string"})'

# Find a gem version matching a requirement e.g. ~> 1.0.0
curl | pru --require json 'JSON.parse(self).map{|g|g["number"]}.find{|v|"~>1.0.1").satisfied_by? }'

# List your local repos by watchers
ls | pru '[self, `curl --silent "{self}"`.match(/<li class="watchers.*?(\d+)\s*<\/a/m)[1].to_i] rescue nil' 'sort_by(&:last){|n,i| "#{n} => #{i}" }'

# Cleanup strange whitespace in a file
pru -i Rakefile 'gsub(/\r\n/,"\n").gsub(/\t/,"  ")'



Michael Grosser
Hereby placed under public domain, do what you want, just do not hold me accountable...

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