Template path not propagated when rendering a partial inside a section #13

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rhettg commented Sep 27, 2010

Related to issue #8, if you put a partial within a section, it won't be able to find the template if you are using 'template_path' in your view.


{{> rendervalues}}}



If you set template_path in your view for outer.mustache, that template_path is not used to find rendervalues.mustache because though we are using a View, the values aren't 'inherited'.

Bug is in here:

def render_partial(self, tag_name=None, context=None):
    """Renders a partial within the current context."""
    # Import view here to avoid import loop
    from pystache.view import View

    view = View(context=context)
    view.template_name = tag_name

    return view.render()

In the above, the view 'settings' would be correctly copied over if context was a view, but since this is while rendering a section, context is something else.

The real issue is the strange relationship between templates and views. As the comment above indicates, there is a 'loop' between views and templates... Really it's a bad case of tight coupling. Views need templates, and templates need views.


I believe the specific issue raised by this post has been addressed in master by now, as well as in the development branch:

def _render_partial(self, template_name):
    markup = self.view.load_template(template_name)
    template = Template(markup, self.view)
    return template.render()

And in the View class:

def load_template(self, template_name):
    from pystache import Loader
    return Loader().load_template(template_name, self.template_path,
                                  encoding=self.template_encoding, extension=self.template_extension)

However, we should still add a test case to check that "template_path" is being honored (or verify that we already have such a test case).

I also agree that templates and views should not depend on each other. It looks like the code may have tied them even further together since this issue was initially filed.

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