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Thanks For Patches and Pointers
* build system tweaks, compiling on OpenBSD
Mark Lee
* Patch for iterating JS arrays in Python
* Patch to allow linking against Xulrunner's libmozjs
* Info for FreeBSD builds
* Heads up on the signal hack and fix for a compiler warning.
* Bug #16 integer property lookup failure report and fix.
* Bug #17 add_property segfault when value is null.
Mike West
* Reported bug in Context.max_time
* Better test for test_exceeds_time
* Reported missing pkg-config requirement
Riccardo Pelizzi
* Bug report for global handlers and "function foo() {}" syntax.
Keiji Costantini
* Bug report on the memory limit test.
Richard Boulton
* Initial patch for filtering Python access.
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