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Make symbols come out in the right order

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1 parent 92e2201 commit 2a44b1d3211f28b471c977377a2911218d330bd3 @timcharper timcharper committed with Dec 23, 2009
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@@ -268,7 +268,7 @@ Symbols matching the text at point are put first in the completion list."
(setq symbol-names (cons symbol
(delete symbol symbol-names))))
- (let* ((selected-symbol (ido-completing-read "Symbol? " symbol-names))
+ (let* ((selected-symbol (ido-completing-read "Symbol? " (reverse symbol-names)))
(position (cdr (assoc selected-symbol name-and-pos))))
(goto-char (if (overlayp position) (overlay-start position) position)))))

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