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A TomDoc Ruby library.
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TomDoc is documentation for humans. Using a few simple rules and zero special syntax you can produce great looking documentation for both humans and machines.

Just follow these four easy steps:

  1. Describe your method
  2. Optionally list and describe its arguments
  3. Optionally list some examples
  4. Explain what your method returns

Like this:

# Duplicate some text an arbitrary number of times.
# text  - The String to be duplicated.
# count - The Integer number of times to duplicate the text.
# Examples
#   multiplex('Tom', 4)
#   # => 'TomTomTomTom'
# Returns the duplicated String.
def multiplex(text, count)
  text * count

See the manual or the spec for a more in-depth analysis.


This repository contains tomdoc.rb, a Ruby library for parsing TomDoc and generating pretty documentation from it.


easy_install Pygments
gem install tomdoc

tomdoc.rb has been tested with Ruby 1.8.7.


$ tomdoc file.rb
# Prints colored documentation of file.rb.

$ tomdoc file.rb -n STRING
# Prints methods or classes in file.rb matching STRING.

$ tomdoc fileA.rb fileB.rb ...
# Prints colored documentation of multiple files.

$ tomdoc -f html file.rb
# Prints HTML documentation of file.rb.

$ tomdoc -i file.rb
# Ignore TomDoc validation, print any methods we find.

$ tomdoc -h
# Displays more options.

Ruby API

Fully TomDoc'd. Well, it will be.

For now:

$ tomdoc lib/tomdoc/source_parser.rb



tomdoc lib/tomdoc/source_parser.rb -n token



tomdoc -f html lib/tomdoc/source_parser.rb | browser


tomdoc -f html lib/tomdoc/source_parser.rb > doc.html
open doc.html


Local Dev

Want to hack on tomdoc.rb? Of course you do.

git clone
cd tomdoc
bundle install --local
ruby -rubygems ./bin/tomdoc lib/tomdoc/source_parser.rb
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