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v0.91.0 - HTTP/0.9 support, multiline header support, small fixes
v0.90.0 - switch chunking+trailer handling to Ragel, v0.8.4 fixes
v0.9.2 - Ruby 1.9.2 preview1 compatibility
v0.9.1 - FD_CLOEXEC portability fix (v0.8.2 port)
v0.9.0 - bodies: "Transfer-Encoding: chunked", rewindable streaming
v0.8.4 - pass through unknown HTTP status codes
v0.8.3 - Ruby 1.9.2 preview1 compatibility
v0.8.2 - socket handling bugfixes and usability tweaks
v0.8.1 - safer timeout handling, more consistent reload behavior
v0.8.0 - enforce Rack dependency, minor performance improvements and fixes
v0.7.1 - minor fixes, cleanups and documentation improvements
v0.7.0 - rack.version is 1.0
v0.6.0 - cleanups + optimizations, signals to {in,de}crement processes
v0.5.4 - fix data corruption with some small uploads (not curl)
v0.5.3 - fix 100% CPU usage when idle, small cleanups
v0.5.2 - force Status: header for compat, small cleanups
v0.5.1 - exit correctly on INT/TERM, QUIT is still recommended, however
v0.5.0 - {after,before}_fork API change, small tweaks/fixes
v0.4.2 - fix Rails ARStore, FD leak prevention, descriptive proctitles
v0.4.1 - Rails support, per-listener backlog and {snd,rcv}buf
v0.2.3 - Unlink Tempfiles after use (they were closed, just not unlinked)
v0.2.2 - small bug fixes, fix Rack multi-value headers (Set-Cookie:)
v0.2.1 - Fix broken Manifest that cause unicorn_rails to not be bundled
v0.2.0 - unicorn_rails launcher script.
v0.1.0 - Unicorn - UNIX-only fork of Mongrel free of threading