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Unicorn developers (let us know if we forgot you):
* Eric Wong (BDFL, BOFH)
* Suraj N. Kurapati
* Andrey Stikheev
* Wayne Larsen
* Iñaki Baz Castillo
* Augusto Becciu
* Hongli Lai
* ... (help wanted)
We would like to thank following folks for helping make Unicorn possible:
* Ezra Zygmuntowicz - for helping Eric decide on a sane configuration
format and reasonable defaults.
* Christian Neukirchen - for Rack, which let us put more focus on the server
and drastically cut down on the amount of code we have to maintain.
* Zed A. Shaw - for Mongrel, without which Unicorn would not be possible
The original Mongrel contributors:
* Luis Lavena
* Wilson Bilkovich
* why the lucky stiff
* Dan Kubb
* MenTaLguY
* Filipe Lautert
* Rick Olson
* Wayne E. Seguin
* Kirk Haines
* Bradley Taylor
* Matt Pelletier
* Ry Dahl
* Nick Sieger
* Evan Weaver
* Marc-André Cournoyer