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= Related Projects
If you're interested in unicorn, you may be interested in some of the projects
listed below. If you have any links to add/change/remove, please tell us at!
== Disclaimer
The unicorn project is not responsible for the content in these links.
Furthermore, the unicorn project has never, does not and will never endorse:
* any for-profit entities or services
* any non-{Free Software}[]
The existence of these links does not imply endorsement of any entities
or services behind them.
=== For use with unicorn
* {Bluepill}[] -
a simple process monitoring tool written in Ruby
* {golden_brindle}[] - tool to
manage multiple unicorn instances/applications on a single server
* {raindrops}[] - real-time stats for
preforking Rack servers
* {UnXF}[] Un-X-Forward* the Rack environment,
useful since unicorn is designed to be deployed behind a reverse proxy.
=== unicorn is written to work with
* {Rack}[] - a minimal interface between webservers
supporting Ruby and Ruby frameworks
* {Ruby}[] - the programming language of
Rack and unicorn
* {nginx}[] (Free versions) -
the reverse proxy for use with unicorn
=== Derivatives
* {Green Unicorn}[] - a Python version of unicorn
* {Starman}[] - Plack/PSGI version
of unicorn
=== Prior Work
* {Mongrel}[] - the awesome webserver
unicorn is based on
* {david}[] - a tool to explain why you need
nginx in front of unicorn