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# use GNU Make to run tests in parallel, and without depending on Rubygems
all:: test
ruby = ruby
ruby_bin := $(shell which $(ruby))
ifeq ($(DLEXT),) # "so" for Linux
DLEXT := $(shell $(ruby) -rrbconfig -e 'puts Config::CONFIG["DLEXT"]')
ifeq ($(RUBY_VERSION),)
RUBY_VERSION := $(shell $(ruby) -e 'puts RUBY_VERSION')
# dunno how to implement this as concisely in Ruby, and hell, I love awk
awk_slow := awk '/def test_/{print FILENAME"--"$$2".n"}' 2>/dev/null
slow_tests := test/unit/test_server.rb test/exec/test_exec.rb
log_suffix = .$(RUBY_VERSION).log
T := $(filter-out $(slow_tests),$(wildcard test/*/test*.rb))
T_n := $(shell $(awk_slow) $(slow_tests))
T_log := $(subst .rb,$(log_suffix),$(T))
T_n_log := $(subst .n,$(log_suffix),$(T_n))
test_prefix = $(CURDIR)/test/install-$(RUBY_VERSION)
http11_deps := $(addprefix ext/unicorn/http11/, \
ext_help.h http11.c http11_parser.c http11_parser.h \
http11_parser.rl http11_parser_common.rl)
inst_deps := $(wildcard bin/*) $(wildcard lib/*.rb) \
$(wildcard lib/*/*.rb) $(http11_deps)
ext/unicorn/http11/http11_parser.c: ext/unicorn/http11/http11_parser.rl
cd $(@D) && ragel $(<F) -C -G2 -o $(@F)
ext/unicorn/http11/Makefile: ext/unicorn/http11/extconf.rb
cd $(@D) && $(ruby) $(<F)
ext/unicorn/http11/http11.$(DLEXT): $(http11_deps) ext/unicorn/http11/Makefile
$(MAKE) -C $(@D)
lib/unicorn/http11.$(DLEXT): ext/unicorn/http11/http11.$(DLEXT)
@mkdir -p lib
install -m644 $< $@
http11: lib/unicorn/http11.$(DLEXT)
$(test_prefix)/.stamp: $(inst_deps)
$(MAKE) clean-http11
$(MAKE) install-test
> $@
mkdir -p $(test_prefix)/.ccache
tar c bin ext lib GNUmakefile | (cd $(test_prefix) && tar x)
$(MAKE) -C $(test_prefix) http11 shebang
# this is only intended to be run within $(test_prefix)
shebang: bin/unicorn
$(ruby) -i -p -e '$$_.gsub!(%r{^#!.*$$},"#!$(ruby_bin)")' $<
t_log := $(T_log) $(T_n_log)
test: $(T) $(T_n)
@cat $(t_log) | $(ruby) test/aggregate.rb
@$(RM) $(t_log)
slow-tests: $(slow_tests)
@$(MAKE) $(shell $(awk_slow) $@)
run_test = @echo '*** $(arg) ***'; \
setsid $(ruby) $(arg) $(TEST_OPTS) >$(t) 2>&1 || \
(cat >&2 < $(t); exit 1)
%.n: arg = $(subst .n,,$(subst --, -n ,$@))
%.n: t = $(subst .n,$(log_suffix),$@)
%.n: export PATH := $(test_prefix)/bin:$(PATH)
%.n: export RUBYLIB := $(test_prefix)/lib:$(RUBYLIB)
%.n: $(test_prefix)/.stamp
$(T): arg = $@
$(T): t = $(subst .rb,$(log_suffix),$@)
$(T): export PATH := $(test_prefix)/bin:$(PATH)
$(T): export RUBYLIB := $(test_prefix)/lib:$(RUBYLIB)
$(T): $(test_prefix)/.stamp
install: bin/unicorn
git diff --quiet $<
$(ruby) setup.rb all
git checkout $<
-$(MAKE) -C ext/unicorn/http11 clean
$(RM) ext/unicorn/http11/Makefile lib/unicorn/http11.$(DLEXT)
setup_rb_files := .config InstalledFiles
prep_setup_rb := @-$(RM) $(setup_rb_files);$(MAKE) -C ext/unicorn/http11 clean
clean: clean-http11
$(RM) $(setup_rb_files)
$(RM) $(t_log)
$(RM) -r $(test_prefix)
git ls-files > $@+
cmp $@+ $@ || mv $@+ $@
$(RM) -f $@+
# using rdoc 2.4.1
doc: .document
rdoc -Na -m README -t "$(shell sed -ne '1s/^= //p' README)"
.PHONY: doc $(T) $(slow_tests) Manifest
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