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= Known Issues
* Installing "unicorn" as a system-wide Rubygem and using the
{isolate}[] gem may cause issues if
you're using any of the bundled application-level libraries in
unicorn/app/* (for compatibility with CGI-based applications, Rails <=
2.2.2, or ExecCgi). For now workarounds include:
* installing the same version of unicorn as a system-wide Rubygem
_and_ isolating unicorn as well.
* explicitly setting RUBYLIB or $LOAD_PATH to include any gem path
where the unicorn gem is installed (e.g.
* WONTFIX: code reloading and restarts with Sinatra 0.3.x (and likely older
versions) apps is broken. The workaround is to force production
mode to disable code reloading as well as disabling "run" in your
Sinatra application:
set :env, :production
set :run, false
Since this is no longer an issue with Sinatra 0.9.x apps, this will not be
fixed on our end. Since Unicorn is itself the application launcher, the
at_exit handler used in old Sinatra always caused Mongrel to be launched
whenever a Unicorn worker was about to exit.
Also remember we're capable of replacing the running binary without dropping
any connections regardless of framework :)
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