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# This list is used by "git shortlog" to fixup the ugly faux email addresses
# "<username@UGLY-UUID>" that the "git svn" tool creates by default.

# Eric Wong started this .mailmap file (and is the maintainer of it...)
Eric Wong <> normalperson <normalperson@19e92222-5c0b-0410-8929-a290d50e31e9>

# This also includes all the Mongrel contributors that committed to the
# Rubyforge SVN repo. Some real names were looked up on
# ($user), but we're not going expose any email
# addresses here without their permission.

Austin Godber godber <godber> godber <godber@19e92222-5c0b-0410-8929-a290d50e31e9>
Bradley Taylor <bktaylor> bktaylor <bktaylor@19e92222-5c0b-0410-8929-a290d50e31e9>
Ezra Zygmuntowicz <ezmobius> ezmobius <ezmobius@19e92222-5c0b-0410-8929-a290d50e31e9>
Filipe Lautert <filipe> filipe <filipe@19e92222-5c0b-0410-8929-a290d50e31e9>
Luis Lavena <luislavena> luislavena <luislavena@19e92222-5c0b-0410-8929-a290d50e31e9>
Matt Pelletier <bricolage> bricolage <bricolage@19e92222-5c0b-0410-8929-a290d50e31e9>
MenTaLguY <mental> mental <mental@19e92222-5c0b-0410-8929-a290d50e31e9>
Nick Sieger <nicksieger> nicksieger <nicksieger@19e92222-5c0b-0410-8929-a290d50e31e9>
Rick Olson <technoweenie> technoweenie <technoweenie@19e92222-5c0b-0410-8929-a290d50e31e9>
Wayne E. Seguin <wayneeseguin> wayneeseguin <wayneeseguin@19e92222-5c0b-0410-8929-a290d50e31e9>
Zed A. Shaw <zedshaw> <zedshaw@19e92222-5c0b-0410-8929-a290d50e31e9>
why the lucky stiff <whytheluckystiff> <why@19e92222-5c0b-0410-8929-a290d50e31e9>

# Evan had his email address in the git history we branched from anyways
Evan Weaver <> evanweaver <evanweaver@19e92222-5c0b-0410-8929-a290d50e31e9>
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