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Sandbox: update doc for latest Bundler versions

Bundler 1.0.x is much improved :)
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@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
Since unicorn includes executables and is usually used to start a Ruby
process, there are certain caveats to using it with tools that sandbox
RubyGems installations such as
-{Bundler}[] or
+{Bundler}[] or
== General deployment
@@ -45,11 +45,20 @@ This is no longer be an issue as of bundler 0.9.17
+=== BUNDLE_GEMFILE for Capistrano users
+You may need to set or reset the BUNDLE_GEMFILE environment variable in
+the before_exec hook:
+ before_exec do |server|
+ ENV["BUNDLE_GEMFILE"] = "/path/to/app/current/Gemfile"
+ end
=== Other ENV pollution issues
-You may need to set or reset BUNDLE_GEMFILE, GEM_HOME, GEM_PATH and PATH
-environment variables in the before_exec hook as illustrated by
+If you're using an older Bundler version (0.9.x), you may need to set or
+reset GEM_HOME, GEM_PATH and PATH environment variables in the
+before_exec hook as illustrated by
== Isolate

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