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= Unicorn integration test suite

These are all integration tests that start the server on random, unused
TCP ports or Unix domain sockets.  They're all designed to run
concurrently with other tests to minimize test time, but tests may be
run independently as well.

We write our tests in Bourne shell because that's what we're
comfortable writing integration tests with.

== Requirements

* {Ruby 1.8 or 1.9}[] (duh!)
* {GNU make}[]
* {socat}[]
* {curl}[]
* standard UNIX shell utilities (Bourne sh, awk, sed, grep, ...)

We do not use bashisms or any non-portable, non-POSIX constructs
in our shell code.  We use the "pipefail" option if available and
mainly test with {ksh}[], but occasionally
with {dash}[] and
{bash}[], too.

== Running Tests

To run the entire test suite with 8 tests running at once:

  make -j8

To run one individual test:


You may also increase verbosity by setting the "V" variable for
GNU make.  To disable trapping of stdout/stderr:

  make V=1

To enable the "set -x" option in shell scripts to trace execution

  make V=2
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