Latest commit 9e8bb89 Jan 7, 2016 Eric Wong various documentation updates
* add nntp_url to the olddoc website footer
* update legacy support status for 4.x (not 4.8.x)
* update copyright range to 2016
* note all of our development tools are Free Software, too
* remove cgit mention; it may not always be cgit
  (but URLs should remain compatible).
* discourage downloading snapshot tarballs;
  "git clone" + periodic "git fetch" is more efficient
* remove most mentions of unicorn_rails as that
  was meant for ancient Rails 1.x/2.x users
* update path reference to Ruby 2.3.0
* fix nginx upstream module link to avoid redirect
* shorten Message-ID example to avoid redirects
  and inadvertant linkage
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GNUmakefile Documentation: remove --sanitize-html for pandoc Jun 6, 2011