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@github @mustache
Alyson La alysonla

Former accountant, current data analyst. Always learning.

@github San Francisco, CA

Ted Nyman tnm



Garrett Bjerkhoel dewski

Engineer at @github. Enjoy doing whatever it takes to build and ship great software.

GitHub Roseville, CA

Rick Bradley rick

I was born a coalminer's daughter.

Puppet Labs Nashville, TN

Timothy Clem tclem

Product engineer, programmer, and hacker at GitHub.

GitHub San Francisco

David Graham dgraham

Making a little more wonderful every day.

GitHub Denver, CO, USA

Jake Boxer jakeboxer

GitHub San Francisco, CA

Cheng Zhao zcbenz

GitHub Tokyo, Japan

David Newman newmerator

GitHub San Francisco, CA

Kevin Sawicki kevinsawicki

GitHub Inc. Redwood City, CA

Marijn Haverbeke marijnh

Recruiters go away Berlin

Lee Reilly leereilly

GitHub San Francisco, CA

Kenneth Reitz kennethreitz

I wrote Requests: HTTP for Humans. The only thing I really care about is interface design.

Heroku Winchester, VA

Joe Ricioppo joericioppo

Consultant San Francisco

Mark Nottingham mnot

I work on HTTP specifications and implementations.

Melbourne, Australia

Salvatore Sanfilippo antirez

Redis Labs Campobello di Licata, Sicily, Italy

TrustTheVote Deprecated 2016 trustthevote

The SuperUser Repo is being deprecated as of 6.2016; please visit: for the OSET Institute's TrustTheVote Project Repo.

Open Source Election Technology Institute Palo Alto, CA USA

Eston Bond eston

None / Freelance (I am no longer affiliated with GitHub) San Francisco

Matt Mullenweg m

Automattic / WordPress San Francisco

rupa rupa philadelphia

Jeff King peff

GitHub Charlottesville, VA

Leah Culver leah

Dropbox San Francisco, CA

Ian Bicking ianb

Developer and engineering manager at @mozilla. Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Joël Franusic jpf

Okta San Francisco, CA