MagicMirror module to display public transport in Berlin and Brandenburg with BVG Hafas data.
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MMM-PublicTransportBerlin is a module for the MagicMirror project by Michael Teeuw.

It shows live public transport information for Berlin and Brandenburg based on VBB-Hafas BVG-Hafas data. Since it uses VBB data, the whole transport network is covered. Public transport in Brandenburg should work as well. MMM-PublicTransportBerlin uses the vbb-hafas REST API hafas-client with a BVG-specific profile by derhuerst.


  • The module is working fine. But I think some value combinations could still lead to strange behaviour. I'd appreciate any error report.

You can enter a delay time for "How long does it take to get to my station?". Then the module calculates the next reachable departures and draws a line between reachable and unreachable departures.


The module looks like this:

Example for Alexanderplatz with time delay


  • MagicMirror2 instance
  • Node.js version > 6.0.0
  • npm


Just clone the module into your MagicMirror modules folder and execute npm install in the module's directory:

git clone
cd MMM-PublicTransportBerlin
npm install


Just enter your MMM-PublicTransportBerlin folder in the MagicMirror's modules folder and execute the following commands in the module's directory:

git pull
npm install

How to get the stationId

You will need a stationId for your module. You can get it as described in the BVG-rest API documentation. This is a cURL example for getting all possible stations with the keyword "alexanderplatz":

curl ''

The answer should contain one or more possible stations with valid station IDs. More queries are possible, like searching via coordinates or autocompletion of stations. Please check the BVG-rest API documentation for more options. Please note, that you need to query

You can prettify the JSON output with jq if you have it installed:

curl '' | jq


The module quite configurable. These are the possible options:

Option Description
name The name of the module instance (if you want multiple modules).

Type: string
stationId The ID of the station. How to get the ID for your station is described below.

Type: String This value is Required.
ignoredStations To allow appearance of multiple transportation methods, vbb-hafas returns departures of multiple stations in the area of the main station (including bus and tram stations for example). You can exclude those stations by adding them to this array. Usually, this can be empty.

Type: integer array (comma separated integers in the array).
Default value: <empty>
directionStationId If you want the module to show departures only in a specific direction, you can enter the ID of the next station on your line to specify the direction.

Note: After some tests, the data delivery of this feature seems not to be as reliable as the normal version. Also, please make sure you actually have the right stationId for the direction station. Please check your MagicMirror log for errors before reporting them.
Additionally, more request results take more time for the request. So please make sure to keep your maxUnreachableDepartures and maxReachabledepartures low when using this feature.

Type: string
Default value: <empty>
ignoredLines You can exclude different lines of a station by adding them to this array. Usually, this can be empty.

Type: string array (comma separated strings in the array).
Default value: <empty>
Possible values: All valid line names like 'U5' (for subway) , 'M10' or '21' (for tram), 'S75' (for suburban) , 'Bus 200'(for bus), etc.
excludedTransportationTypes Transportation types to be excluded from appearing on a module instance can be listed here.

Type: string, comma-separated list
Default vaule: <empty>
Possible values: bus, tram, suburban, subway, regional, ferry
marqueeLongDirections Makes a marquee/ticker text out of all direction descriptions with more than 25 characters. If this value is false, the descriptions are trimmed to the station names. You can see a video of it here (rendered by a regular computer).

Note: The rendering on the mirror is not perfect, but it is OK in my opinion. If the movement is not fluent enough for you, you should turn it off.

Type: boolean
Default vaule: true
interval How often the module should be updated. The value is given in milliseconds.

Type: integer
Default value: 120000 // 2 minutes
hidden Visibility of the module.

Type: boolean
Default vaule: false
travelTimeToStation How long does it take you to get from the mirror to the station? The value is given in minutes. (this is the former delay option)

Type: integer
Default vaule: 10 // 10 minutes
departureMinutes For how many minutes in the future should departures be fetched? If travelTimeToStation is set > 0, then this time will be added to now() + travelTimeToStation. (This could be obsolete in future versions but is needed for now.)

Type: integer
Default vaule: 10
showColoredLineSymbols If you want the line colored and shaped or text only.

Type: boolean
Default vaule: true
useColorForRealtimeInfo Set colors for realtime information

Type: boolean
Default vaule: true
showTableHeaders Show or hides the table headers.

Type: boolean
Default vaule: true
showTableHeadersAsSymbols Show the table headers as text or symbols.

Type: boolean
Default vaule: true
maxUnreachableDepartures How many unreachable departures should be shown. Only necessary, of you set delay > 0

Type: integer
Default vaule: 3
maxReachableDepartures How many reachable departures should be shown. If your delay = 0, this is the value for the number of departures you want to see.

Type: integer
Default vaule: 7
fadeUnreachableDepartures Activates/deactivates fading for unreachable departures.

Type: boolean
Default vaule: true
fadeReachableDepartures Activates/deactivates fading for reachable departures.

Type: boolean
Default vaule: true
fadePointForReachableDepartures Fading point for reachable departures. Thìs value is also valid for delay = 0

Type: float
Default vaule: 0.5
Possible values: 0.0 - 1.0
excludeDelayFromTimeLabel The API provides time labels which include the delay time of the departure. This flag removes the delay time to show times like they are shown in the BVG-App.

Type: boolean
Default vaule: false

Here is an example of an entry in config.js:

    module: "MMM-PublicTransportBerlin",
    position: "top_right",
    config: {
        name: "Alexanderplatz",
        stationId: "90000010000",
        hidden: false,
        ignoredStations: [900000100003,2342,1337],
        ignoredLines: ["U5", "U8", "S75", "Bus 100"],
        excludedTransportationTypes: "bus,suburban,subway",   
        travelTimeToStation: 10,
        interval: 120000,
        departureMinutes: 10,          
        maxDepartures: 15,
        marqueeLongDirections: true,
        showColoredLineSymbols: true,  
        useColorForRealtimeInfo: true,
        showTableHeaders: true,
        showTableHeadersAsSymbols: true,
        maxUnreachableDepartures: 3,    
        maxReachableDepartures: 7,
        fadeUnreachableDepartures: true,
        fadeReachableDepartures: true,
        fadePointForReachableDepartures: 0.25,
        excludeDelayFromTimeLabel: true

Multiple Modules

Multiple instances of this module are possible. Just add another entry of the MMM-PublicTransportBerlin module to the config.js of your mirror.

Special Thanks

  • Michael Teeuw for inspiring me and many others to build a MagicMirror.
  • Jannis Redmann for creating the hafas-client. You made my life a lot easier with this! Please consider supporting him on Patreon!
  • The community of for help in the development process and all contributors for finding and fixing errors in this module.


If you find any problems, bugs or have questions, please open a GitHub issue in this repository.