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  1. geocoder geocoder Public

    offline street-range address geocoding using Census TIGER/Line files

    C 38 18

  2. census_block_group census_block_group Public

    A docker container for assigning census block group id to geocoded addresses.

    R 3 1

  3. roads roads Public

    DeGAUSS container that calculates distance to nearest roadway and length of roadways within buffer for S1100 and S1200 roads


  4. greenspace greenspace Public

    DeGAUSS container that calculates average greenness within 500 m, 1500 m, and 2500 m buffers

    R 3

  5. drivetime drivetime Public

    DeGAUSS container that calculates driving distance to care center for PEPR multi-site study

    R 2 3

  6. pm pm Public

    DeGAUSS container that generates daily PM2.5 estimates based on latitude and longitude coordinates with date ranges.



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