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Curated list to achieve visibility for your product
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Awesome Visibility

Awesome Visiblity

Curating the best links to get visibility for your Products. List of directories or Communities to submit your idea, startup, product to get visibility.

You have your idea, product or even your start up ready. It's ready for the public.
But where do you start publishing it? To whom do you tell it?

A first starting point is this list, this list collect all communities, directories where you can post your products, startup.

Explanation of symbols

  • 💸 Free
  • 💰 Paid
  • 😀 Easy to use
  • 😐 not quite as easy

Table of contents


Little hint how to use communities

Communities - Topics related

Communities - Reddit

💸 + 😀

Other ways

Podcasts & Radio Shows

Directories 🌟🌟🌟


Directories 🌟🌟


Directories 🌟

Only Europe


Registration services

Services that add your product to the lists



  • - (Twitter Auth is broken)
  • RateMyStartup - (last entry 2014)
  • The Startup Project (last entry 2012)
  • APPVITA - 💸 (last entry 2015)



To the extent possible under law, Henning Leutz has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.

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