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Dive Into HTML 5 TODO list -*- mode: org; -*-

HTML 5 timeline

….brief history of how HTML 5 came about

Installing an HTML 5-capable browser

Stop littering

new semantic elements

hgroup, header, footer, section, aside, mark

datagrid, datalist, details

progress, meter

Let’s Call It A Draw(ing Surface)

simple shapes; complex paths

transformations; compositing; shadows

drawing images; pixel manipulation

drawing text

getting data back out of a <canvas>

security model; same-origin restrictions

reusable widget libraries (Thunderhead)

ExCanvas: compatibility shim for IE

API reference

Multimedia in a flash

pitch: multimedia without plugins

explanation of video containers/codecs (see )

patent issues around certain codecs

Windows/Mac/Linux tools for encoding video in Ogg Theora and audio in Ogg Vorbis

building a custom player UI

network states; ready states; handling errors

mv_embed: compatibility shim for IE

select * from browser where 5 > 2

pitch: your browser (already) has a SQL database!

very brief SQL tutorial

synchronous database access

asynchronous database access

Gears vs. HTML 5 Web Storage

WSPL: wrapper library to let you use either Gears or native Web Storage

API reference

Thread the needle, thread the script

pitch: background Javascript processing

Gears vs. HTML 5 Web Workers

creating workers

importing scripts


the storage mutex (for thread-safe cookie access)

same-origin restrictions

API reference

Let’s take this offline

pitch: turn off your network and use Gmail. Sync as soon as you reconnect.

HTML manifests

Case study: offline Gmail

optimizing performance

API reference

You are here (and so is everybody else)

pitch: opt-in mechanism to tell web pages where you are in the world

asking the user for their location

obtaining “high accuracy” locations

back-end providers

API reference

Web forms, reinvented

pitch: rich forms without scripting



date pickers

color pickers

client-side validation with patterns


API reference

Distributed extensibility