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A command line tool to build RSS2 and ATOM feeds from a given file system using the last modification time as publish date


Feed My Files is a Java based command line tool to generate a feed from a file system, using the last modified date to sort the feed entries. It is written in Groovy and use Gradle to manage the dependencies and launch an execution.


You can launch Feed My Files using a command like the following from the project's directory:

./gradlew buildFeeds \
  -ProotPath=/home/shared \
  -Prss2File=/var/www/rss2.xml \
  -PatomFile=/var/www/atom.xml \
  -PhtmlFile=/var/www/feed.html \
  -PurlPrefix= \
  -PfilePrefixToIgnoreInUrl=/home/shared \
  -PfeedTitle="New Shared Files" \
  -PfeedDescription="New shared files in our lab" \
  -PfeedLink= \

The following options are mandatory:

  • rootPath: The path where the files to feed are located
  • any of rss2File, atomFile or htmlFile: output file for the different supported formats.

The following options are, well, optional:

  • urlPrefix: if passed, the file URLs will be built using it as a prefix (instead of them being file:// URLs)
  • filePrefixToIgnoreInUrl: if passed, it will be removed from the beginning of each file when building its URL. It can only be used if urlPrefix is present.
  • feedTitle: What to use as the title of the feed
  • feedDescription: What to use as the description of the feed
  • feedLink: What to use as the link of the feed
  • fileExtensionsToInclude: A comma-separated list of the files extensions to include in the feed

With docker

Launching Feed My Files with docker is easy. The following command is equivalent to the one posted before, but using docker instead:

docker run --rm \
	-v $HOME/.gradle:/root/.gradle \
	-v /var/www/:/out \
	-v /home/shared:/files \
	-v $(pwd):/app \
	java bash -c 'cd /app; ./gradlew buildFeeds -ProotPath=/files -Prss2File=/out/rss2.xml -PatomFile=/out/atom.xml -PhtmlFile=/out/feed.html -PurlPrefix= -PfilePrefixToIgnoreInUrl=/files -PfeedTitle="New Shared Files" -PfeedDescription="New shared files in our lab" -PfeedLink= -PfileExtensionsToInclude=pdf,mp3,png'