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A command line tool for sending emails through Gmail SMTP using gradle and groovy


This is a command line tool for sending messages through the normal SMTP Gmail service - in other words, what your email client might be doing if you use SMTP, but from the command line.


I needed to send emails when certain things happen in some servers I have for personal stuff, and I didn't want to deal with mail services.


gmail-sender is built using groovy and gradle, but neither of them need to be installed. You do need an installed JVM or docker to use it.

With Java

Assuming you have a shell with a valid JAVA_HOME environment variable, enter the project's directory and execute:

./gradlew sendMail -Pusername=yourGmailEmail -Ppassword=yourGmailPassword, -Psubject='The subject' -Pbody='Some <strong>HTML</strong> body to love'

With docker

Assuming you have a shell with docker in the path, enter the project's directory and execute:

docker run -it --rm -v $HOME/docker-dotgradle:/root/.gradle -v (pwd):/app java bash -c 'cd /app && ./gradlew sendMail -Pusername=yourGmailEmail -Ppassword=yourGmailPassword, -Psubject="The subject" -Pbody="Some <strong>HTML</strong> body to love"

This will create a $HOME/docker-dotgradle directory with the gradle wrapper and the maven dependencies. You can adjust it to whatever you want (even $HOME/.gradle if you are using gradle in the host machine).

As a maven dependency in another Java based project

You'll need to add as a maven repo, and com.deigote:gmail-sender:0.1 as a dependency. Once done, you can use GmailSender#instance and then GmailSender#send to send an email, building first the Email and the Credentials.

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