.NET Standard 2.0 Client Library for CNAB
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.NET Standard 2.0 Client Library for CNAB

Work in Progress library for working with Cloud Native Application Bundles in C#.


static async Task Main(string[] args)
    var bundle = await Bundle.LoadUnsignedAsync("bundles/thin-bundle.json");

        JsonConvert.SerializeObject(bundle, Formatting.Indented));


In order to contribute to this project, you need .NET Core SDK 2.2:

$ dotnet --version

$ dotnet build

$ cd examples && dotnet run
An example 'thin' helloworld Cloud-Native Application Bundle

If you want to contribute, any of the following is a great starting point:

  • adding unit tests
  • building invocation images
  • installing bundles
  • adding support for claims and signing.

The CNAB Specification and Duffle, the reference implementation are a great starting point. Also make sure to check Porter and Docker App.