A simple website introducing the CNAB project.
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A simple website for the CNAB spec.

Editing Content

cnab.io is static site. The landing page content can be edited at themes/cnab/layouts/index.html, and the rest under /contents. Post, tag, category taxonomy is available in hugo should we want to expand in the future.


  • built with the Hugo static site generator
  • custom cnab theme uses Paper as a base, with Foundation on top and the CNAB custom sass
  • uses Gulp for asset pipelines
  • deployed to Netlify via merges to master. @carolynvs is admin of this.
  • metrics tracked via Bing and Gaug.es


Install the dependencies - first install Hugo, and then the packages:

npm install gulp-cli -g
npm install
gulp && hugo serve

hugo serve will run the site locally at localhost:1313