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Duffle: The CNAB Installer

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Duffle is a command line tool that allows you to install and manage CNAB bundles. To learn more about about CNAB and duffle, check out the docs.

Getting Started

  1. Ensure you're running the latest version of Go (1.11+) by running $ go version

    $ go version
    go version go1.11 darwin/amd64
  2. Clone this repo:

    $ cd $GOPATH/src/
    $ git clone
    $ cd duffle
  3. Vendor dependencies, build the duffle binary and install onto your system:

    $ make bootstrap build
    $ sudo make install
  4. Run the command to set duffle up on your machine:

    $ duffle init
    The following new directories will be created:
    ==> Installing default repositories...
    ==> repo added in 1.096263107s
  5. Build and install your first bundle:

    $ duffle build ./examples/helloworld/
    Step 1/5 : FROM alpine:latest
    ---> 196d12cf6ab1
    Step 2/5 : RUN apk add -u bash
    ---> Using cache
    ---> 54b3a85c5c2e
    Step 3/5 : COPY Dockerfile /cnab/Dockerfile
    ---> Using cache
    ---> cd6f4ff8d83d
    Step 4/5 : COPY app /cnab/app
    ---> 38a482447ffd
    Step 5/5 : CMD ["/cnab/app/run"]
    ---> Running in 8b22055f0a37
    ---> e5c795c2a1f4
    Successfully built e5c795c2a1f4
    Successfully tagged deislabs/helloworld-cnab:64dfc7c4d825fe87506dbaba6ab038eafe2a486d
    ==> Successfully built bundle helloworld:0.1.0
  6. Check that it was built:

    $ duffle bundle list
    NAME            VERSION DIGEST                                          SIGNED?
    helloworld      0.1.0   b2747e5c36369f4c102f4f879caa94e607e5db7e        true
  7. Now run it:

    $ duffle credentials generate helloworld-creds helloworld:0.1.0
    $ duffle install helloworld-demo -c helloworld-creds helloworld:0.1.0
    Executing install action...
    hello world
    Install action
    Action install complete for helloworld-demo
  8. Clean up:

    $ duffle uninstall helloworld-demo
    Executing uninstall action...
    hello world
    uninstall action
    Action uninstall complete for helloworld-demo


    • Learn more about what a bundle is and its components here.
    • Get a feel for what CNAB bundles look like by referencing the bundles repo on github.

Debugging using VS Code

For instructions on using VS Code to debug the Duffle binary, see the debugging document.