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Azure VM Driver (azvm)

The duffle-azvm script provides an Azure VM-based driver for installing CNAB bundles inside of an Azure VM.

Currently this only works on UNIXy operating systems.


  • az must be installed and configured
  • You must az login
  • You must have access to VMs that have a CNAB bundle inside of them
  • You must have python3 and pip3 installed

Env Vars

  • none

Image Management and Bundle.json

Your CNAB bundle.json should define an at least one invocation image like this:

    "name": "helloworld",
    "version": "0.1.0",
    "parameters": {},
    "invocationImages": [
            "imageType": "azure-image",
            "image": "duffle-dev/duffle-vm-example-0.1.1"

Note that imageType is azure-image (indicating that it must be looked up in azure images). And image is of the form RESOURCE_GROUP/IMAGE_NAME.


  1. Run make build-drivers
  2. Add $GOPATH/src/ to your path
  3. On the Duffle commands, set the driver to azvm
$ duffle install -d azvm foo -f ./examples/helloazure/cnab/bundle.json
az vm create --resource-group duffle-dev --name foo --image duffle-vm-example-0.1.1 --admin-username duff--generate-ssh-keys
  "fqdns": "",
  "id": "/subscriptions/SUBID/resourceGroups/duffle-dev/providers/Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachines/foo",
  "location": "westcentralus",
  "macAddress": "00-0D-3A-F8-3D-06",
  "powerState": "VM running",
  "privateIpAddress": "",
  "publicIpAddress": "",
  "resourceGroup": "duffle-dev",
  "zones": ""
Install action
Action install complete for foo
  "additionalProperties": {},
  "endTime": "2018-08-22T23:11:43.844916+00:00",
  "error": null,
  "name": "d796ff40-4c20-4d80-913a-dbb834dd551e",
  "startTime": "2018-08-22T23:11:03.020793+00:00",
  "status": "Succeeded"

Building images with Packer

To build images, install Packer, then edit drivers/azure-vm/azure-packer.json. You may want to create a user.json file and add all your credentials there. For more information on how to set up your Azure account to build images, read the docs, and make sure you set up your client correctly.

From there, use something like this to build:

$ packer build -var-file keys.json azure-packer.json 
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