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DEITY Falcon - Progressive Web App library for any type of website. Fully Open Source, Platform Agnostic and headless. OSL3.0. Supports Magento 2 PWA storefront, Wordpress PWA and BigCommerce PWA Storefront. Built with ReactJS, NodeJS and GraphQL. Join our community and become a contributor at
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DEITY Falcon - build back-end agnostic headless PWA websites

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DEITY Falcon is a platform agnostic, stand-alone but modular library to easily build headless PWA websites.

Falcon was built with the F.I.R.E. principal in mind:

  • Flexible - Allow you to build any kind of website; e-commerce, blogs, portfolio's, you name it
  • Integrable - Allow you to integrate any kind of data source with it
  • Reliable - You do not have to worry about high traffic and scalability
  • Extensible - Allow you to extend your project with as many custom features as necessary

Why should you use Falcon

  • You can work separately and independently on the front or back-end - save crucial development time
  • Get started within a couple minutes using our CLI tool create-falcon-app
  • Client rendering (SPA) to increase pagespeed and reduce server load
  • Server Side Rendering (SSR) built-in - no longer do you have to worry about SPA SEO complications
  • Service worker to provide application caching and PWA features such as offline capabilities and add to homescreen
  • Falcon's architecture allows it to be very modular, lightweight and scalable

These are just a couple of advantages and use-cases, feel free to ask anything in the official slack channel

Start developing right away

Using the app generator:

npx create-falcon-app my-app



We've created a Demo project which is using Algolia for search, WordPress for blog content and Magento 2 for the rest.

Try it out yourself here

demo gif


Any contributions, small or big, are very welcome! Please take a look at our Contributor guidelines and Code of Conduct

Chat channel

Join the official chat channel: Deity Community Slack


Please visit to view the documentation

Falcon has its own documentation website which resides in a separate repository: We try to continuously improve and update it to create a great development experience and reduce any possible development hurdles.

Feedback and contributions are always very welcome!

We also regularly create blog posts on Medium which you can find here:


Trusted by the best from the industry

If you would like to become a partner please contact us at

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