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Adyen adaptor for Falcon
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Deity Adyen Extension (Magento 2 module)

This module provides extension for Magento2 Adyen payment module and integrates it with Deity PWA frontend.

Supported payment options

  • CreditCard API integration


Elements introduced to magento by this module

Custom API endpoints provided by this module:

  • [GET] /rest/V1/falcon/adyen/config - get adyen public config data (cc enabled, card types, CSE public key, etc.)
  • [POST] /V1/falcon/orders/:orderId/adyen-process-validate3d - update customer order status after comming back from payment gateway
  • [POST] /V1/falcon/guest-orders/:orderId/adyen-process-validate3d - update guest order status after comming back from payment gateway

Extension attributes:

  • Deity\QuoteApi\Api\Data\OrderResponseInterface:
      "adyen_cc": "Deity\AdyenApi\Api\Data\CreditCardResponseInterface"

Functionality changes


  • In Store > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods > Other Payment Methods > Adyen All-in-One Payment Solutions > CreditCard API integration
    • Credit Card Image - field allowing to provide custom image for credit card payment row in checkout
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