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Scala Stomp client
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Scala Stomp client

To use in java:




import akka.dispatch.ExecutionContexts;
import akka.dispatch.OnSuccess;
import org.apache.activemq.apollo.stomp.Stomp;
import org.apache.activemq.apollo.stomp.StompFrame;
import org.fusesource.stomp.scomp.StompClient;
import scala.Function1;
import scala.Option;
import scala.concurrent.ExecutionContext;
import scala.concurrent.Future;
import scala.runtime.AbstractFunction1;
import scala.runtime.BoxedUnit;

import java.util.concurrent.Executors;
import java.util.concurrent.atomic.AtomicReference;

public class MyStompClient {

  private  StompClient client;

  public MyStompClient() throws Exception {

    ExecutionContext ec = ExecutionContexts.fromExecutorService(Executors.newFixedThreadPool(5));

    client = new StompClient();
    client.connect("localhost", 61613, "admin", "password");

    // local responder required to simulate the server responding to requests
    AtomicReference<Function1<StompFrame, BoxedUnit>> f = new AtomicReference<Function1<StompFrame, BoxedUnit>>(new AbstractFunction1<StompFrame, BoxedUnit>() {
      public BoxedUnit apply(StompFrame frame) {
        String replyTo = frame.header(Stomp.REPLY_TO()).toString();
        client.send(replyTo, "Hello: " + frame.content().utf8(), Option.<String>empty(), false);
        return BoxedUnit.UNIT;

    client.subscribe("/queue/test", Option.<Function1<StompFrame, BoxedUnit>>apply(f.get()));

      // requester, awaits a future response
    for (int i = 1; i <= 100; i++) {
      Future<StompFrame> future = client.sendReceive("/queue/test", "test message " + i);
      future.onSuccess(new OnSuccess<StompFrame>() {
        public final void onSuccess(StompFrame frame) {
          System.out.println(frame.content().utf8() + " on " + Thread.currentThread());
      }, ec);


  public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
     new MyStompClient();

To use in Scala:

SBT Dependencies

libraryDependencies += "org.fusesource.stomp" % "scomp" % "1.0.0"

Scala Code:

import org.apache.activemq.apollo.stomp._;
import org.fusesource.stomp.scomp.StompClient;
import scala.concurrent.duration._

val timeOut: Duration = 100.milliseconds
val client = new StompClient
client.connect("localhost", 61613, "admin", "password")

//test responder for the server side
client.subscribe("/queue/test", listener = Some((frame) => {
  val replyTo = frame.header(REPLY_TO)
  client.send(destination = replyTo.toString, text = "Hello " + frame.content.utf8)

// requester, awaits a future response
for (i <- 1 to msgNum) {
  val future = client.sendReceive(destination = "/queue/test", text = "test message" + i)
  future onComplete {
    case Success(frame) => {
      println(frame.content().utf8() + " on " + Thread.currentThread());
    case Failure(exception) =>
  Await.result(future, timeOut)
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