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Cryptocurrency Price Widget

Customizable Cryptocurrency Price Widget with ⚡real-time price update and flexible settings.

Real-time streaming price update

Why use Cryptocurrency Price Widget?

Does not consume resources of your site, written in pure JavaScript. Calculations and data are processed on a third-party server. Real-time streaming price update and flexible settings — it's looks like amazing and beautiful.


  • No Cryptojacking!
  • Pure JavaScript ~ 9.9 kBytes (gzip), no dependencies;
  • Flexible settings and customizable design;
  • Real-time ⚡streaming price update;
  • Processed on a third-party server;
  • ≈ 5,207 cryptocurrencies and 162 fiat currencies;
  • Multilingual support: English, Русский, Español;
  • SSL support;
  • IE9+ support;
  • SEO-friendly.

Language support

  • English
  • Português
  • Español
  • Deutsch
  • Français
  • Русский


Installed Size Version WordPress Plugin Version

Go to the website for generate a custom widget script You can see examples.

WordPress plugin

WordPress Plugin Active Installs WordPress Plugin Downloads WordPress Plugin Downloads WordPress Plugin Downloads


  • Select horizontal — basically it's fiat currency, but you can choose cryptocurrency;
  • Select vertical — basically it's cryptocurrency, but you can choose fiat currency;
  • Color — color of block widget;
  • Streaming data — prices are updated by the flow 🌧️ in real-time;
  • Striped — striped line;
  • Rounded — rounded corners of block widget;
  • Shadow — shadow of block widget;
  • Border — border around of block widget;
  • Widget script — ready script of widget.


    • Q. How to make fixed width?
    • A. Make div tag with style width and insert widget script inside. Try to keep the width at least 220px.

We are not supported Cryptojacking!

What is cryptojacking? Hijacked your personal device to make use of its CPU power to mine cryptocurrencies.

On the Internet, there are cases when after installing a script or widget your computer starts to mining. We are ot supported Cryptojacking. You can see this, check our website or javascript code.

Tools for checking: Check browser, Scanner Magento




If you need help or other issues, contact:


This widget is distributed under MIT license. You can use this widget for free on your sites. Nevertheless, due to the fact that we take on all the workload (third-party server), we need to pay for the equipment and we would like to receive from you, something in replacement, for example, DO NOT delete the backlink in the widget.

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