Simple jquery deserializer plugin that actually works!
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This is a very simple jQuery plugin providing 'deserialize' functionality to a form elements. In contrary to some other plugins available it doesn't reinvent the wheel (by utilizing native browser methods) and actually works.

Basic usage:

$("#form-id").deserialize(string, options)

Additional options

except and only

Allows You to limit set of form fields by either black-listing (except) or white-listing (only):

$("#form-id").deserialize(string, {
    except : ['generated_token', 'another_field']

These options are exclusive: You cannot pass both in the same time.

callback and callback_on

Allows You to pass function, called when certain fields are being populated:

    callback_on : ['one', 'two', 'three'],
    callback : function(name, value){
        # NOTE: works only in Firefox with Firebug installed
        console.log(name + " has been populated by " + value)

You can leave callback_on black to call given function on every populated field.


Allows You to change default attribute (name), which will be used to match fields in this way: [name='value'].

See demo.html for some examples.


  • allow to pass JSON objects as data for deserialization
  • except, only and callback_on options should accept regular expressions
  • add more examples to reflect all possible options
  • add possibility to chage the way the fields are matched