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To see the documentation and more details on how to install miind-mpi run.
You need to have doxygen installed:
and then run:
make doc
This generates the html documentation.
For more details see the generated html documentation.
@@ -17,6 +17,9 @@ MIIND is free and Open Source. It is distributed under a modified BSD license (s
\section sec_install Installation
Use cmake and make. For more details see \ref installation.
\section sec_dependencies Dependencies
For more details see \ref dependencies
\section MPILib
see \ref MPILibDoc.
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\page dependencies Dependencies
<li>compilers: see \ref compilers</li>
<li>root: see \ref root</li>
<li>gsl: see</li>
<li>boost mpi: \ref boost</li>
\section compilers Compiler
You need to have a compiler which supports C++11. For example gcc 4.7 or clang 3.1 or later.
You also need to have a mpi compiler like openmpi for compiling the mpi code.
\section root Root
Root needs to be installed with the following flags
./configure --enable-table --enable-explicitlink
source /bin/
for more details see
\section boost Boost
add the following code to project-config.jam:
using mpi ;
and build boost
./b2 install
for more detail see

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