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- Fix template loading on Edge Rails and on Rails 2.1.0
- Fix migration issue with Rails 2.1.0 using timestamps.
- Fixed script/destroy not removing the routes [From Jeff Dean]
- gem includes the Rails generator files [From Jeff Dean]
- Fixed readding the route to config/routes.rb in the script/destroy task [From Jeff Dean]
- Github now properly formats readme [From Jeff Dean]
- Updated the gemspec so rdoc includes it and updated it to add installation and setup instructions [From Jeff Dean]
- Removed sample route from generator [From Jeff Dean]
- Fixed ActionMailer rendering in Rails 1.99.0
- Works with edge Rails
- Removed Desert::Plugin#up_to_date?
- Removed Migrator#latest_version
- Works with edge Rails
- Fixed double loading issue with not fully expanded load_paths.
- Fixed [#13346] ActionController::Base.helper raises error when helper is only in plugin
- Desert does not require files that have been required before Desert was loaded