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v0.7.1 Renamed the rake task from update_dependencies to rebuild_dependencies.
v0.7 Added a new rake task to (re)create the text_asset_dependencies table as
Some users were having troubles due to bad imports (see below). Since
this table is purely calculated values, this new task can be run at any
rake [ENV] radaint:extensions:sns:update_dependencies
NOTE: this rake task renamed in v0.7.1 (now 'rebuild_dependencies').
The code was has been cleaned up and refactored in places.
Bugfixes and resolved issues:
* Importing/exporting extensions were failing to export the
text_asset_dependencies as the matching model names was also plural.
I've since submitted patches to those extensions but renamed the
model to TextAssetDependency (a bit less accurate but good enough).
* Rake task radiant:extensions:sns:config was broken. Fixed and
improved it to include a help screen (--help or if no params).
* Changed TextAsset.filename to (Donde mostly for the
file_system extension but also makes the models more consistent with
other Radiant models like Snippet and Layout).
v0.6.2 Minor, minor fix: Corrected extension versioning and this history file.
v0.6.1 Bug fix: Text Assets were rendering with no Status header. Apparently
LiteSpeed does not like this. Now yields 200 code.
v0.6 Change extension code to use "sns" instead of "styles_n_scripts" -- this
will impact users as they need to move the extension from:
Other than that, it's just a drop in replacement.
v0.5 Lots of improvements here. Some new features some just refactoring.
Added Shards to the edit view so now this extension can be extended
(watch for SnS extension extensions to come soon).
Added support for filters. The only real one planned is Sass for the
CSS files but, the way I did it, it's pretty extensible (based on how
Radiant handles page content filters). Did I mention that there were
some SnS extension extensions coming soon...
Changed the way stylesheet and javascript urls were routed and evaluated
(now its a before_filter hooked into SiteController's show_page method).
This has the added bonus of allowing the stylesheet and javascript
directories to be changed during runtime (see next point).
Configurations are now handled differently. Rather than setting them
once at load-time, they are changed dynamically via Rake tasks. The
only exception is the caching directory -- you really don't want to do
that one dynamcially -- so it's been pulled out of the config and made a
Caching is more better. No more caching the whole url path -- just the
file, thank you. This makes it possible to change the directory name
on the fly.
Bug fixes:
* Added a 'url' definition (just "") to the extension to fix an issue
with a change in Radiant 0.6.7 behavior (I really shoulda done that
all along).
* Corrected an issue where this extension is included as part of a new
Radiant install. The RAKE db:bootstrap task would initialize the
extension which would then try to write the default settings to a
not-yet-existing config table.
v0.4.1 Bug fixes:
* Last-Modified header was not reporting the date using a valid
HTTP format. This is now spec'ed and fixed. (Thanks to Jay Levitt
for identifying this issue).
v0.4 File Uploading! You can now upload Javascripts or Stylesheets from the
corresponding index pages.
v0.3.1 Moved Templates to Haml -- now requires Radiant 0.6.7 (or 0.6.6 and
install Haml yourself -- untested).
Added 'link' value to <r:stylesheet> and <r:javascript> tags so now you
can create an external link like:
<r:stylesheet name="my_file.css" as="link" />
<r:javascript name="my_file.js" as="link" />
Also made the as="inline" option XHTML compliant by replacing the
commenting (<!-- -->) with a proper CDATA wrapper.
See the documentation in 'available tags' on the page-edit page for more
(now more readable).
v0.3 Big new features plus code refactoring and a bug fix. First, the new
fetures include:
* Added <r:stylesheet> and <r:javascript> tags for use in pages. This
lets you inject your stylesheet or javascript code into your Page
much like using a snippet or just render the URL to the referenced
CSS or JS file (see the readme for more on this).
* Added <r:stylesheet> and <r:javascript> tags for use in other
Stylesheets or Javascripts. This lets you maintain mulitple files
yet just serve one master-stylesheet or master-javascript to your
end users (cut down on server requests)
Along with this, I did a fancy trick with tracking dependencies so
that the cache knows when to update (add, edit, or remove a file
referenced by a <r:stylesheet> or <r:javascript> tag and the
dependant file's effectively_updated_at time changes to reflect it).
* Added file upload button to the index pages. Now instead of just
creating new stylesheets or javascripts, you can upload a file into
The bugfix includes the completion of the one addressed in v0.2.1 by
adding the form helper to the remove.html.erb template.
v0.2.2 Bug fixes:
* I added the UserActionObserver behavior and accompanying specs
to the Stylesheet and Javascript models
v0.2.1 Bug fixes:
* I corrected the ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken that
comes from my not using the form helpers in my templates. I also
weakly spec-ed it.
NOTE: This was only a partial fix. I corrected the edit.html.erb
template but not the remove.html.erb one. See v0.3 for the
completely fixed version.
v0.2 Initial public release. Complete rebuild of the extension to work with
Rails 2.0 and Radiant 0.6.6. Added *lots* of specs and focused on
making this thing robust.
Basic functionality included:
* Stores stylesheet and javascript files
* Caches them with their own, improved response cache (improved in
that it handles this file type better)
* Configuration management utility to allow extension users to adjust
default settings
v0.1 Private release to John and Sean as a proof-of-concept (initially called
the Files extension).