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@@ -23,15 +23,15 @@ than one goat farm and one butcher.
Fishwife is a fork of {Mizuno}[]
Mizuno is a set of Jetty-powered running shoes for JRuby/Rack. It
-provides a handler for Jetty 7 on JRuby; multithreading, event-driven
-I/O, and async support.
+provides a handler for Jetty 7-9 on JRuby; multithreading,
+event-driven I/O, and async support.
=== Features
Mizuno also supports asynchronous request handling, via the Java
Servlet 3.0 asynchronous processing mechanism
-All the speed comes from Jetty 7; Mizuno just ties it to Rack through
+All the speed comes from Jetty; Mizuno just ties it to Rack through
JRuby's Ruby/Java integration layer.
Note that Mizuno is NOT a direct replacement for jruby-rack or

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