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Atreis keyboard

Unsplitting the Iris keyboard.

A picture of the Atreis

Based on Keebio's Iris keyboard design files, modified to achieve the same layout in a single-piece form-factor.

For more pictures, the full album is on imgur.

Why ?

Because the Iris is perfect, but a splitted keyboard is not the most convenient keyboard to take when on the go.

And because we can.

Why this name ?

Because it looks a lot like the Atreus keyboard, but with the Iris layout.

How do I build one ?

Unfortunately, I'm not planning on designing a PCB for it, so you're on your own to laser-cut the plates and hand-wire it.


This keyboard runs under the wonderful QMK firmware, my current (preliminary and pretty basic, but functional) code is here :

I will eventually do a merge request in upstream QMK.