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Contributor guidelines

We love contributions! Feel free to contribute in any way you like: docs, suggestions, features, fixes tests!

To make both your and our life easier here are some tips:


To make sure that regardless of IDE/editor everyone uses the same settings we use editorconfig. Just make sure that you have the editorconfig plugin for your editor installed.

pull request scope

Keep your pull requests as small as possible. Please, avoid combining code with indentation changes.

semantic messages

Please use semantic commit messages.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • IntelliJ fails to compile dekorate with Cannot resolve method 'withName(java.lang.String)' and this kind of errors. In order to get dekorate built on IntelliJ you need to manually add generated sources as module sources.

  • IntelliJ cannot resolve package names of dependencies in module 'dependencies'. You need to exclude the uber-jar dependencies module from IntelliJ and do mvn clean install so the deps module ends up in local .m2.

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