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A Vector based implementation of the kmeans clustering algorithm

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k-means clustering algorithm in Haskell

kmeans-vector is a Haskell library to perform the k-means clustering algorithm. It is based on the very efficient 'vector' library.

Feel free to contribute, may it be features, performance improvements, etc.


kmeans-vector is much faster than the existing kmeans package. For example, the kmeans package performs k-means on 10000 2D points with k=5 in 21.099s while kmeans-vector does the same in 6.605s. For 50000 3D points, with k=5 still, kmeans-vector performs in 47.853s while I Ctrl+C'd the kmeans version after 6 minutes and a half.


This library is written and maintained by Alp Mestanogullari,

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