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Wildfly-Swarm JMS 2.0 Remote Broker Example


All examples available are very simple and assume local broker (your application and activemq broker is same wildfly-swarm instance). More often then not, due to various reasons this will not be the case, and one will have wildfly-swarm application and activemq broker in different jvms (in this case activemq broker will be one wildfly-swarm instance and application/message producer will be another wildfly-swarm instance). This example shows how to set up Wildfly-Swarm instance with AMQ Broker accepting remote connections, and another Wildfly-Swarm instance/simple app which will post message to the broker. Security is off, as this is example, and dealing with security is another layer of "goodness".


  1. Java 8


Update src/main/env/devel/service-config.yml in both maven modules with your environment details. Minimally in message-sender's service-config.yml set host to IP address on which the broker is running.

Build with mvn clean install and start both broker and sender (assuming here running them on same machine, with port offset)


mvn clean install
java -jar -Dswarm.project.stage.file=src/main/env/devel/service-config.yml target/message-broker-1.0.1-SNAPSHOT-hollow-swarm.jar target/message-broker-1.0.1-SNAPSHOT.war


mvn clean install
java -Dswarm.port.offset=100 -Dswarm.project.stage.file=src/main/env/devel/service-config.yml -jar target/message-sender-1.0.1-SNAPSHOT-hollow-swarm.jar target/message-sender-1.0.1-SNAPSHOT.war


mvn clean install
java -jar -Dswarm.port.offset=200 -Dswarm.project.stage.file=src/main/env/devel/service-config.yml target/message-consumer-1.0.1-SNAPSHOT-hollow-swarm.jar target/message-consumer-1.0.1-SNAPSHOT.war


To post message do:

curl http://localhost:8180/sender

To check that it worker (see value in JSON returned):

curl http://localhost:8080/jolokia/read/org.apache.activemq.artemis:module\=JMS,name\=\"mediation-queue\",type=Queue/MessageCount