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Build minimal docker images with customized jdk9

Code Build instructions:

  1. Before building application, create inside github-twitter-service module, next to pom.xml file called and populate it with your credentials for twitter api. File should look like this:

You will need consumer key and consumer secret, more info on obtaining these here:

  1. Once is created, you can run mvn clean install

  2. Run the build:

mvn clean install

Build your own base jdk-9 alpine image for first stage builds:

  1. Download alpine linux jdk9 from here:
  2. Create Dockerfile like this:
FROM alpine:3.6
ADD jdk-9-ea+181_linux-x64-musl_bin.tar /opt/
  1. Place the downloaded jdk9 into jdk-9-docker folder, next to Dockerfile

  2. Build docker container with:

docker build --rm --no-cache -t myown-jdk9:alpine .
  1. In your first stage builds, you can now use FROM myown-jdk9:alpine as packager

Running instructions

  1. After building container, run it with:
#Run container and forward 8080 into container
docker run -d -p 8080:8080 github-twitter-search:1.0.1-SNAPSHOT
#Search for akka projects
curl -v localhost:8080/search/akka
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